Audit & Assurance

more than just assistance on ground

MGH Ground Handling offers 24 hours, a wide range of ground handling services at International Airport Chisinau for both Schedule Aviation and General Aviation, by concluding SGHA agreements based on IATA AHM810 standards.

MGH Ground Handling believes in quality customer orientation that delivers top-class service on all levels. Every employee is expected to”live our corporate values”: after all, the culture of any company will be evident in its employees’ attitude to their customers.

We build relationships with our clients characterized by mutual cooperation and responsibility. Through agreed SGHA and SLA’s, we agree upfront our customers’ expectations, the services to be delivered and correct pricing.

using internet in the airport terminal

reliable & safe

Strong Experience

From Cessna to Airbus 310 and  Ilyushin IL-76 Cargo, from manual Check-in to sophisticated DCS systems. We have the full potential to deliver your promises.

Highest Safety Standards

We always strive to implement the highest IATA and ICAO safety standards. The Safety of handling operations is the priority Nr.1 of MGH Ground Handling.

Fast & Smooth

We know how precious is the time for You. That’s why we has been training our staff in a way to be in time even in the shortest turnaround.

Training, training and training

We believe in the idea that staff must learn continuously. A fast changing and turbulent environment as aviation, always requires to stay updated and ready. We are.

why traders choose us

Raw Spreads

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core values


We strive to exceed the expectations of our customer and keep the promises we make.


We show respect towards people and their values by working with enthusiasm and enjoyment. We do not compromise on safety.


We are pioneers and want to creatively explore new options.


We believe the only way to do great job – is to love what you do.