Always ready to meet your expectations!

With MGH Ground Handling everything is confidential, fast and smooth. All you have to do is to give us information regarding your aircraft, schedule and services you need. The rest will come in the best way.

Best services for General Aviation!

Our 7/24 Handling Operations department will get back to you with best personalized proposal. We provide full range of ground handling services for General Aviation.

All kinds of services for the aircraft:

Passenger and crew services:

  • Aircraft marshaling
  • De/anti icing services with approved fluids
  • Aircraft ground power supply
  • Aircraft cooling and heating
  • Water and toilet services
  • Interior and exterior aircraft cleaning
  • Refueling services through own arrangements
  • Arrival and departure services (passengers stairs,¬†passengers&crew transportation, full baggage handling)
  • Catering Services
  • VIP Lounge services
  • Hotel transfer&accommodation
  • Car rentals&VIP limousines
  • Pre-flight and after flight crew briefing