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Best services for General Aviation and charters in Chisinau

Our 7/24 Handling Operations department will get back to you with best personalized proposal. We provide full range of ground handling services for General Aviation.

Representative and Management services in Moldova

  • Representation and  liaison with local authorities and third parties;
  • Supporting the carrier locally in obtaining of overfly and landing approvals;
  • Supporting the carrier as required in local communications with airport authorities;
  • Take actions on communications addressed to the Carrier, as required by Carrier;
  • Inform the Carrier of any known project affecting the operational services and facilities made available to its aircraft in the areas of responsibility;
  • Maintain the Carrier’s manuals, circulars, and other operational documents connected with the performance of the services;
  • Effect payment, on behalf and on request of the Carrier;
  • Supervise & coordinate services contracted by the Carrier with third party;
  • Provide qualified Turnaround coordinator (TRC);
  • Represent the Carrier’s interest with regard to resolving governmental and local authorities matters as required by the carrier;
  • Arranging of VIP Lounges as required by Carrier;
  • Arranging of parking positions with local airport authority;
  • Arranging of the ground transport and crew HOTAC through own local best  arrangements;
  • Arranging of catering services through own local best arrangements;
  • Arranging of refueling, through own local best arrangements;
  • Car rentals & VIP limousines;
  • Arranging  other services on carrier request.

Ramp and Aircraft Handling in Moldova

  • Aircraft marshaling;
  • Communication via headset and/or manual visual signs;
  • Aircraft chocking and conning;
  • Suitable ground stairs and other required GSE for loading and unloading;
  • Aircraft ground power supply;
  • Aircraft cooling and heating;
  • Water and toilet services;
  • Interior aircraft cleaning;
  • De/anti icing services with approved fluids;
  • Aircraft towing and/or pushback.
  • Other services on crew request;

Passenger Handling in Moldova

  • Arrival and departure services;
  • Passengers stairs;
  • Ramp transportation;
  • Baggage handling;
  • VIP Lounge services;
  • Hotel transfer and  accommodation;
  • Other services on carrier  request.