Sofema Aviation Services

Professional aviation consulting & training services,
Bulagria, Sofia
We aren’t such an agile and dependable organization just because of our own team; we also have a fantastic network of partners who compliment our services and allow us to work harder, better, faster, and stronger.

Regional Air Suport

Professional aviation consulting & training services,
Bucharest, Romania
Regional Air Suport offers a wide selection of aviation courses through it's own training center or through joint ventures with other training organisations.

Cobus Industries

Buses producer,
Wiesbaden, Germany
Our partners are the top companies in their own respective industries, and are known to deliver high quality services and products. Our partners help us deliver unparalleled services to our clients. The reality is that no company can survive by its own in the age of technology.

TLD GSE - Ground Support Equipment

Ground Support Equipment,
Saint-Lin, France
Strategic partnerships allow companies to expand and specialize without limitations. Instead of spending a lot of money and time perfecting a new thing, we prefer to perfect our own services and call in the experts for other tasks when needed.


Airport Equipment,
Lieu-dit Les Petites Landes, France
Today, more than 7000 units are in operation in around 80 countries with the most selective customers and in all type of climatic operating conditions.

SDI Aviation

Airport Equipment
Nackawic, New Brunswick, Canada


Heat Transfer Fluids and De-Icing Products,
Haltwhistle, Northumberland, UK

Rockwell Collins

Avionics and information technology,
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA
Rockwell Collins, Inc. is an American multinational company headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa providing avionics and information technology systems and services to governmental agencies and aircraft manufacturers.

Chisinau International Airport Avia Invest

Commercial Airport,
Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Our customers trust us so much that they often come to us with problems beyond the scope of ground handling services. Since they know that we have their best business interests at heart they want us to help them with such problems.


Ground support equipment,
The product range of the company is production, sales, and servicing of aircraft ground support equipment ranging from passenger stairs, aircraft towing tractors to toilet servicing units and air-starters.

Security Label

Sarstedt, Germany


Equipment manufacturer,
Oppenau, Germany
One of the leading German manufacturers of high-tech products and special solutions for airport ground support and roadside maintenance vehicles.


Oil Company,
Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
The main activities of the Company are: purchasing, transportation, storage and sale of oil products and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), construction and maintenance depots for oil products and LPG storage and handling.

Denge Airport Equipment

Airport Equipment,
Istanbul, Turkey
DENGE Airport Equipment, is the leading Ground Support Equipment manufacturer in Turkey with its experience over 30 years in history. Since 1982, DENGE is serving to different industries with its wide range of products.
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